Dec 252012

Alright! So another day and another release. This one is a big one from Uno Makoto. It’s male on futa which I’m not a huge fan of but I’m sure you guys will get a kick out of it.

Funny thing about Uno Makoto is that his dialog is easy enough that just about anybody can translate it. Problem is the editing required is rarely easy enough for entry level people. But he’s so popular that they always go for it. It happened last time with the Dragon’s Crown doujin and again with this one. I ended up never releasing my version of the dragon’s crown one but not this time around. So here with a much better edit job thanks to Ulricat and my script is Mama Tama. One man’s quest to suck on his mother’s gigantic balls. I hope you enjoy.


  4 Responses to “[Ozone (Uno Makoto)] Mama Tama (Mama’s Balls) with Doujin-Moe”

  1. As the guy who did the typesetting for the fan translation that just came out I want to give you a sincere fuck you.

    • Ok I’ll bite. Why? If it’s the version I’m thinking of then you shouldn’t really be proud of the objectively bad edit job you did. I don’t come to your blog shit posting you though. I suggest you look into redrawing with Photoshop and maybe do some easier projects before you try something as complex as this. And please don’t think i tried to snipe you or anything. I actually had the script done the same day the scan was released, but like i said this is a difficult edit job that my editor took seriously in order to release something quality.
      At the end of the day there are two versions now and the fans can decide which they like.

  2. Thankful for the translation, awesome job~

  3. how can i download ALL your works?

    a list or something similiar

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