Jun 202011

Hey to whoever doesn’t just skip down to the DDL link like I do. Here’s a Mirai Nikki doujin for you all, a series I hope some of ya agree needs more doujin love than it gets.? I’d thought it impossible for Yuno to get raped, so imagine my surprise when I saw this.

Basically, three guys get Yuno’s phone and blackmail her with the stalker-quality diary of Yukiteru on it, and Yuno obeying because the phone has an importance that only people who finished the manga would know. (Spoilers so I can’t say)

On another note, I’m Memo, a translator who recently joined Ackeejag and Kikimaru here at Pineapples R’ Us. Thanks goes to both of them for correcting my horrible text editing skills, and to Kikimaru for transforming the rough translation into something that can be called English. Anyway, here’s the doujin:




Have a nice fap! (^ w ^)/

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  5 Responses to “[YLANG-YLANG (Ichie Ryoko)] Barairo no Jinsei (Mirai Nikki)”

  1. Please tell me that you’re working on translating some of YLANG-YLANG’s other doujins in the near future too! ^_^

  2. Is it right to assume pages 5 and 6 is the aftermath of the rape? If so. Go Yuno. I only read mirai nikki a month or so ago, and Ioved it. The whole time yukki was killing his friends I was kinda cheering him on, cause I wanted to see him and yuno together :p

    Best. Yandere. Ever.

  3. with the anime coming out, we are most likely gonna see a crap ton of new fan stuff for mirai nikki. been a fan of the manga for a while.

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