Aug 232014
[Yahiro Pochi] Hame Pero ch1-6[Eng]=Pineapples r’ Us=

Here is the next part of the last story that left on in the  full color pages. Things are finally getting back up to speed on releases that I’ve  wanted to get  done for a while so hopefully you’ll keep seeing those on a more steady basis. Enjoy! Download-All Download Chapter  

Aug 212014
(C86) [Service Heaven (Hirame)] KISS LOVE KISS (Kill la Kill)[Eng]=Pineapples r' Us=

I saw the raw for this and knew it was required by law that I get off my ass and not only translate it, but also edit the whole damn thing over the past 24 hours. I actually would have had it done earlier if not for random power outages in the area. But anyway! …click for more.

Aug 022014
[Yahiro Pochi] Hame Pero ch1-5[Eng]=Pineapples r' Us=

Still not dead and still working on translations whenever I get the chance. Here’s a new project that I stumbled into ownership of by accident. The stories are pretty vanilla but I like the artwork and the scenarios so here you go! How quickly I can get this done and released is really only dependent …click for more.

Apr 192014
(C85) [Aienkien (Aito Matoko)] Hoshinaki Joseito Slum no Machi (KILL la KILL)

Still not dead. Working my way back to getting in the swing of translation. It’s been a little difficult being down an editor but I’ll get there. Anyway here’s the newest release. A doujin from my favorite show this season. Unfortunately everything was drawn prior to the second half so all of the material will …click for more.

Mar 082014
[EBA] Datsu Imouto Sengen | Sister Removal Declaration

So it’s been far too long but I think I’m finally getting my life and free time in order again to the point that I can get back to regular translation. I won’t really be doing commission work anymore just because I don’t need the money now but I still enjoy scanlation so this is …click for more.

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